Social Media Marketing

The numbers of Australian consumers actively connected and using Social Media is growing at a fast and furious rate. It is estimated that 13 million of us use Social Media for more than 1 hour each and every day. So Social Media as part of your marketing mix is not a luxury for those businesses that have the time but a crucial integration in your total marketing strategy.

If you don’t have a presence on all the major platforms, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more your are at risk of losing your potential customers to your competitors.

Most business don’t understand how to get started, don’t have the expertise, knowledge and are time poor to even consider how to include Social Media Marketing into their business processes. That’s where we can help.

The Lime Lab can tailor a unique package, to suit your business, that incorporates strategies to build your audience, engage them with relevant and timely content to increase loyalty and ultimately sales.

SEO Branding

Branding Development

You brand image is pivotal in connecting with anyone who comes into contact with your business. It is said that a brand lives in the perception of anyone who comes into contact with it. So what do people remember about your business? Is your branding portraying the level of professionalism you desire? If not, it’s time to have a look getting it spruced up.

At The Lime Lab we have the skills and experience to not only design and construct an impressive, professional company Logo but also the complete visual brand identity including all the support graphics, fonts and colour schemes so that your brand image will stay presence of mind with everyone who comes into contact with it.


Paid online ads (PPC)

Google Adwords Campaigns when composed in the correct manner do give businesses the extra traffic they need. However, to get the structure of the campaign right requires expertise, knowledge and understanding to ensure positive results. If you get it wrong it can cost you dearly!

Google Adwords specifically place the advertiser at the top of a specific keyword search in the premium position when a viewer sees the Google search page. They can also appear on content publishers websites if you desire. Adwords can drive customer engagement, traffic and generate business from your website but also can be a huge waste of money and loss of traffic if not set up and monitored correctly.

At The Lime Lab we have the expertise to research what keywords and terms are going to be appropriate for your business, how much the average price per click will be and set up and run your campaigns to maximise your return on investment.

marketing collateral

Marketing and Advertising Collateral

We are professional Graphic Designers and Copy Writers – we go about understanding your needs, expectations and goals as the first and foremost step of any project.

The design and production of any marketing and advertising collateral needs to give you a return on investment. It’s not just a case of pulling together a design that looks good, we engage with our client and research what their desired outcomes are, their target market and what message is going to resonate with them. We then brainstorm with them about their overall marketing strategies and ensure what collateral is best to achieve the greatest outcomes whether if be online or offline mediums. We the set about designing and constructing a great looking design that tells the right message and engages the audience to act.


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